Nicholas Yeager creates work by employing papermaking, lettering, printmaking, type design,  bookbinding, engraving, metalsmithing and woodworking.

Recently he has been making paper to investigate 19th century innovations in watermark technology as well as hand papermaking techniques leading up to machine-made paper. A recent project making wove paper with ruled-line watermarks offers instruction on how this type of paper was made for use as stationery at the end of the 18th century.

Percussive Roman is a typeface that inverts and plays with the conventions of printing. In 2015, Nicholas Yeager traveled across the US on a motorcycle, visiting 13 libraries. His blog, Motoscribeni describes some of the items that he found while studying historic calligraphic writing manuals. Percussive Roman and its companion Spelling Alphabet are a result of Yeager's research. The letters are an interpretation   of Giovann Francesco Cresci's inscriptional forms. 

The Spelling Alphabet is reminiscent of a 19th century game played by children learning their alphabet. 


In the Fall of 2020, Yeager purchased a Davis/Hodges hollander beater to process pulp for his papermaking efforts.

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