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Make an Impression

With Wooden Type

Percussive Roman and the Spelling Alphabet are

different applications of a post-digital type design based on an interpretation of Giovann Francesco Cresci's inscriptional letterforms. Wooden dowels

have letters laser cut into the face of the dowel. The typeface inverts the printing surface: where the letter is engraved into the face and the surrounding circle is printed. This plays with the conventions of printing because the "type" is recessed and remains unprinted, much like the engraved alphabet from the 16th century Cresci source material.

The Spelling Alphabet is reminiscent of a 19th century game played by children learning their alphabet. 

Handmade Paper replica of a 19th century penmanship manual where the exemplars are watermarked within the paper itself. The student would put a dark sheet behind the paper, then be able to see the lettering well enough to copy directly onto the letters. An ingenious illustration method, it was too cost prohibitive to ever be used beyond this example. 

Artifex Wax is the best flexible sealing wax for mail art and packaging sealing available. Each stick is scented with essential oils to enhance the melting process. 



Il Perfetto Scrittori by Giovanni Francesco Cresci, 1570

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