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What is Artifex Books?

Nicholas Yeager has been making books most of his life. Exploring the methods, designs and materials of historic books informs his own artwork. Whether he is doing something with letters or making a binding, Yeager tries to integrate the lessons he has learned from working with books.
Using traditional book production skills, Yeager comments on and explores the world of the book as it is today.

Yeager began making paper in the summer of 2020. He has purchased a Davis/Hodges hollander beater to process pulp for papermaking. Yeager's interest in papermaking centers around 19th century handmade papermaking practices and innovations regarding watermarks used as instructions for handwriting. He has written a chapter about this in the upcoming Papermaker's Tears, to be published by The Legacy Press. 
Yeager has been developing a lettering suite entitled Percussive Roman. This series of 100pt. type sorts reversed in a 1.75" dowel explores the kinesthetic interplay of type having been inked individually and printed using a mallet to deliver the impression. Never-repeatable printing explores the post-digital type experience. 
The letters are also available as a Spelling Alphabet for children and adults. 
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