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Percussive Roman is a monotype impression system that is ideal for one-off printing. Each wooden letterform is inked individually, then placed on the substrate and is printed by means of a hammer blow. Variability is maximized as inking can be individuated by means of brush stroke, striking force and substrate surface. Type is usually a positive form that prints the letter, leaving the negative space the color of the ground. Percussive Roman reverses this order, printing a 1.75” round of color while the 60pt. letterform is left unprinted, showing the supstrate’s color as the letterform. 


The combination of variability, reverse-ground printing, and the random nature of a percussive strike make for an infinitely random printing artifact. 


Try one or three to personalize your stationery or envelopes. Be a kinesthetic hedonist by striking the letterform with a mallet to make your mark.

Percussive Roman print
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