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Learn to make books, calligraphy, book arts and history Welcome to, a site that is designed to be both supply house and video education center. We will be teaching workshops, offering lectures and articles about making books, writing calligraphy and how these early technologies are a vital part of the history of #communication #technology.

Bookbinding is fun!

Thanks for visiting. We're here to teach you how to make a book - at home!

Whether you've never made a book or made dozens, will make it easy for you to get the materials and training to make interesting and fun historic book structures without having to go to a classroom. Kits make it easy, videos make it fun! Bookbinding was at one time, the most advanced communication technology around. This may have been before you were born, so it might seem like along time ago. Close to two thousand years ago people started to change the way the stored information. Instead of making a #scroll - an 11 foot long piece of #papyrus, they started folding sheets of #papyrus or #parchment and then sewing through the fold. A couple of generations later they decided that they could sew a number of these gatherings, or #signatures, together and put some wooden boards on top and bottom to make a safe container for the information.This became known as the #codex form of the #book.


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